Watch Gary Fong's Flash Photography Tutorials Videos And Lighting Techniques

Incredible Face Tracking Autofocus on Sony Cameras

A live demonstration at WPPI 2014 showcasing the power of Sony's autofocus and face detection.

Why Gary Shoots Sony More Than Canon or Nikon

Gary explains why he uses Sony over all other camera models and demonstrates Sony's features.

Lightblade Demonstration Live at WPPI 2014

A live demonostration on the new Ligthblade, flat shoot-through bounce diffuser, for indoor flash situations.

Gary Fong Introduces the Lightblade™ Flash Diffuser

The LightBlade flash diffuser softens harsh light emitted from flashes, minimizing shadows, reducing glare and creating more accurate skin tones.

How To Pose A Female Model (by a professional model)

Trish gives tips on how to present your most flattering angles, how to stand, how to position limbs, and accentuating jawline.

LIVE EVENT: Gary Fong On The Photography Industry, Rockstar Phenomenon and Copying

Gary Fong talks about the rockstar phenomenon and photo stealers.

The Reflecmedia Green Screen System

Gary Fong demonstrates the newest innovation in green-screen technology with the 'Reflecmedia' system.

LIVE EVENT: Gary Fong Explains How To Achieve Perfect Color

In this live event Gary Fong explains how to achieve perfect color via custom white balancing and a combination of reflective and incident color measurement.

How To Prepare For A Public Speaking Program

Gary shares his tips on how to prepare for public speaking.

Hiring A Second Shooter - Contracts Warning!

Gary Fong shows some of the dangers with having a worthless agreement drafted by a non-attorney.