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sRGB Versus AdobeRGB

One of the most hotly debated, and extremely misunderstood, topics in digital photography is what is better, AdobeRGB or sRGB.

Peaking Mode for Manual Focus

Peaking Mode is an manual focus tool offered in Sony’s newer alpha cameras.

Sony's Intelligent Auto Modes

In Sony’s newest alpha cameras, there are two different “Intelligent Auto” modes, the green mode for single shot, and the yellow for slower exposures.

How To Photograph Wedding Portraits Outdoors with Flash

Gary demonstrates, live a wedding, how to use off camera fill flash for soft portrait lighting. An excerpt from Gary's premium How To Shoot A Wedding series.

How To Photograph A Wedding Processional And Ceremony

An excerpt from Gary's premium How To Photograph A Wedding video, where you'll see an image review of the wedding ceremony and processional

How to photograph the cake cutting and first-dance

Gary demonstrates, live while photographing a wedding, how to acheive perfect lighting while the couple cuts the wedding cake.

Photographing Wedding Speeches For Album Design

Gary shares his style of photographing wedding speeches, spontaneous actions and reactions and the impact it has in storytelling album design

High Speed Motor with Face Recognition and Object Tracking Wedding Sequence using the Sony a77ii

A live demonstration of Gary photographing a couple coming up the aisle after the wedding ceremony.

Screenflow - An Amazing Video Editor For Demos

A video demonstration of a software product called 'ScreenFlow'.

The Lightsphere Wedding and Event kit

The Lightsphere® Collapsible™ Wedding & Event Lighting Kit has everything a busy photographer needs to adapt to the quickly changing environments at weddings and events.

Marketing on YouTube

This video explains how to understand YouTube's ranking optimization, and how to discover what YouTube considers important in delivering search results.

Motion Shot Sequence with the Sony a6000

Sony's PlayMemories "Motion Shot" allows you to create fun action sequences with high speed motor.

Achieve Dramatic Studio Lighting in Awful Places

Watch how to use a set of speedlights in a busy trade show area and create a dramatic look.

12fps and Lock-On Autofocus on the Sony a77ii

The new technology in the Sony a77ii automatically tracks the focus and exposure of a rapidly moving subject.

How to instantly measure a correct color balance

Live in Toronto, Gary demonstrates how the GreyDome can instantly give you accurate color.

Lock-On Autofocus Expand Flexible Spot with the Sony a77ii

Greatly speed up focusing and exposure with the Sony a77 Mark II's latest feature called Lock-On AF Expand Flexible Spot